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7 Holiday Decorating Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

7 Holiday Decorating Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

The truth is—not all of us are born designers. So, even the simplest holiday decorating task can be a challenge.

But, no worries! Even if you’re not an interior designer or a home decorator, you can come up with something amazing with these easy decorating tips.

Start Off With a Theme

Do you want a winter wonderland holiday theme? Or, are you eyeing for something else? Whatever you’re planning to do on the holidays, be sure to begin with thinking about the theme. Surely it won’t take much of your time, so decide how you want your decorations to look.

Add a Personal Flair to Your Décor

Nothing looks better than customized holiday décor. Say no to mass-produced decors that are cliché. After all, you don’t want your decors to look identical to that of your neighbor. You may incorporate family photos or used craft materials to make it more sentimental. 

Plan Your Placement

Even placing your decorations should be done methodically. You don’t want to overdo them, especially your Christmas tree because it’ll look bulky. For your tree, you should start from top to bottom, then evenly space out the ornaments as you go.

Don’t Limit Yourself With Traditional Christmas Colors

We know the classic red and green colors are pretty astonishing. But don’t you want to try other festive colors? Other colors like pink, gold, purple, and blue are great alternatives that give your home that fresh and inviting ambiance these holidays. Use different shades and mix those colors, then follow-through with the ornaments and wreaths of your choice.

Bring the Holiday to Every Space in Your Home

The Christmas feel shouldn’t be limited to one room, the living room in particular. Share those decorations with other parts of the house as well. Decide on those little holiday accents that will give an extra warm feeling to your home.

Be Creative With Those Lights

Your Christmas decoration won’t be complete without those blinking lights. And there are lots of ways on how you can be creative using those lights. You may weave them on garlands, put on an ornament lantern, or simply hang them on the walls.

Don’t Forget About the Basics

Lanterns, greenery, ornament ball, and wreath—these are a few of the basic holiday decorative items that you shouldn’t miss. They keep things simple but give your home that cozy feeling during the holidays.

There you go! We hope your holiday decorating journey will be fun and memorable. Happy holidays! Greetings from your local HVAC contractor in North Idaho—Bill’s Heating & A/C.