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Quality Air Scrubbers

Eliminate contaminants in your indoor air with an air scrubber. Our air scrubbers at Bill’s Heating & A/C are a cleaning device that makes use of a search-and-retrieve method to eradicate pollutants that are too small to be captured by your air filter. When the air flows through your ductwork system, the air scrubber continuously produces negative ions that will find and remove the pollutants. 

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How Does It Work?

An Air Scrubber has small metal tubes to create negative ions. These tubes are formed in the shape of a honeycomb, which has a special coating. The air goes through the tubes and then passes through a section that contains UV light. Consequently, negative ions are formed and sent on their way to clean your indoor air.

Afterward, they search for positively charged particles like pollen, bacteria, or other allergens. When the positive particles and negative ions bond, they become more massive particles that can no longer stay midair. Instead, they fall to the ground.

Dependable Air Scrubbers

Don’t let your family get sick because of contaminants in your indoor air. At Bill’s Heating & A/C, we care about you and your family’s health and comfort. Our up-to-date air scrubbers will eliminate any pollutant lingering in your indoor space, maintaining the cleanliness of your IAQ.

By choosing our services at Bill’s Heating & A/C, you won’t need to worry about your IAQ. Our specialists will ensure your HVAC will stay in tip-top shape as it runs throughout the season. Regardless of your heating or cooling dilemma, we’ll be there for you.

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Still searching for a reliable air scrubber in your home? At Bill’s Heating & A/C, we offer high-quality air scrubbers that will keep your indoor air pollutant-free. Call us now to discover your options.