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Programmable thermostats are a great way save money on your energy bill by ensuring that the temperature in homes is heated and cooled according to what you need it for. These devices can adjust throughout each day, making sure no unnecessary work gets done while still protecting against fluctuations caused by weather patterns outside!

A split system is an independent indoor and outdoor unit connected by tubing or piping. bPackaged systems are combinations of one or more indoor units, mounted on walls or ceilings, with one or more outdoor condensing units connected together by tubing or piping. Packaged systems typically offer greater equipment efficiency than split systems, but generally cost more to install.

The latest technology to hit the market in terms of HVAC systems is called variable speed technology. It’s a great way to save money by reducing energy usage while ensuring the temperature is always comfortable. Variable speed systems can also heat or cool homes more effectively because they don’t run constantly.