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Our heating and air conditioning services
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summer and warm in the winter.

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Your system should be serviced at least once a year, with occasional check-ups to four times a year. We recommend booking an appointment with a reputable HVAC service provider with industry-recognized certifications, including MSCA Star. A service provider may customize the schedule to suit your needs and maintain your system at smooth performance.

An air conditioning system that requires regular refrigerant recharging is leaking and needs to be repaired. Leaking refrigerant not only reduces cooling power and increases electricity use, but it also harms the climate. One of the worst culprits in depleting the ozone layer is refrigerant gases emitted into the air.

Choose a service company in Idaho that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to locate refrigerant leakage, as traditional approaches are time-consuming and expensive.

The only way to extend the longevity of your system is to get it serviced as often as needed by a specialist. Additionally, below are a few simple steps you may take to prevent expensive air conditioning repairs:

   • Keep the area surrounding your outdoor air conditioning system clear of leaves and litter. This immediate action makes airflow pathways clean and stops debris from clogging up your system.

   • Make sure ventilation grills and ductwork are not blocked when planning furniture arrangements and carpeting installs.

   • In the season, use blinds and curtains on west and south-facing windows to keep the sun out.

   • When air conditioning isn’t required, use programmable thermostats to save money.