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Has your air conditioner reached its end point?

When the moment finally comes that your old cooling system malfunctions completely, we know you need a new A/C to keep you cool and comfortable during the warm months.

At Bill’s Heating & A/C, we work with trained, skilled, and experienced heating specialists to handle your new A/C installation needs. Get to know more about our team here!

Important Things to Consider Before Installing a New A/C


The size of the air conditioner that you’re buying is key to providing you with efficiency, longevity, and comfort—and we all want these benefits!

What you’re looking for is a unit with suitable size and can easily be positioned at your desired location at home. A professional A/C installation company in Hayden, ID can help you choose the right A/C while ensuring it’s properly installed.

Cost & Quality

These two factors come hand in hand—and in most cases, air conditioners that cost higher are often of higher quality as well. What you should focus on during the selection process, is to identify the most suitable option.

You may invest in an expensive or cheap A/C system depending on your budget. But, make sure to opt for one that can serve you longer.

Energy Consumption

It’s not just the size or the quality and cost that matter when selecting a new cooling system. Energy efficiency is also an important consideration. You want a system that’s energy efficient, so you’ll be spending less on energy bills.

Modern air conditioning systems are designed with advanced features, such as sleep settings, variable fan speed, digital temperature controls, and more. With today’s great choices of air conditioners, you can get the best value for your investment, while saving more on your monthly utility bills.


Before installing your new A/C, it’s important that your ductwork is working well. Does it have leaks? Is it disconnected?

If you hadn’t checked its condition and you had your new unit installed already, you’re getting yourself into a big trouble. Your newly-installed air conditioner won’t effectively cool your home with holes, cracks, and leaks on the ductwork. Fix it first!

Compatibility With the Thermostat

Do you think your new A/C will work compatibly with your thermostat?

Because your HVAC system works closely with the thermostat, it’s vital that your choice should be based on the compatibility of the two.

Before getting any new cooling system, make sure to do a depth research about the brand or model and its specifications. Consult your trusted HVAC contactor in your local area about the best options of air conditioning systems today.


Your air conditioner isn’t built to last forever. So if it’s time for replacement, you can count on us for expert A/C installation in Hayden, ID and the surrounding communities. We work with trained and experienced professionals to get the job done.

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