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Regardless of what air conditioner you plan to install in your home, you might have some questions in mind needing expert answers. Bill’s Heating & A/C is the name you can trust if you’re looking for expert estimates or quotes for your project. We provide the best A/C installation in Rathdrum, ID, and our work starts with professional estimates.

This ensures that we install the right equipment in your home and you stay comfortably cool for years. Call us to get started!

Questions to Ask Before Installing Your A/C

When planning for a new A/C installation in Rathdrum, ID, be sure to ask your contractor about the project. Here are the top questions you need to ask:

Is your company licensed, bonded, and insured?

An industry-certified and bonded company provides you protection when something goes wrong with the installation. Ask proof about their legitimacy and make sure they can provide you with honest written estimates, with all their terms and conditions discussed.

What is the size of A/C I need for my home?

Proper sizing is necessary before the A/C installation in Rathdrum, ID so your home will be cooled effectively and efficiently. Ask your installer first how they determine the cooling load needed for your home. They should be performing a thorough calculation using the right method, such as Manual J Calculation.  

Can you recommend brands and types of systems for my home?

A reputable HVAC company will partner with the trusted and leading manufacturers to offer customers durable, efficient, reliable, and quality comfort systems. They can discuss your options and recommend brands that fit your needs and budget.

Do I need ductwork?

Installing ductwork will depend on what type of air conditioner you want to use. For instance, ductwork is not required if you want to install a ductless A/C. However, it may be needed if you’re installing a central air conditioner. Ask your contractor if your current ductwork needs a replacement and cleaning to ensure efficient operation.

Can I expect rebates in A/C installation in Rathdrum, ID?

Installing a new system qualifies homeowners to incentives and tax credits. The rebate is applied to new air conditioners with higher efficiency, and this one way to help you save money in the upfront cost. Ask your contractor about the rebates before the installation.  

Do you offer financing?

Financing is one way to help homeowners get a new system even if they lack the budget or the purchase is an emergency. Ask your HVAC company about the financing options available for you. If you have approved credits, then you can qualify for the offer.

Partner with the Best A/C Installation Company in Rathdrum, ID

Installing a new air conditioner is a job you should leave to the hands of the experts. When it comes to your installation and replacement needs, call only the professionals.

Bill’s Heating & A/C provides top-of-the-line A/C installation in Rathdrum, ID and the nearby areas. Call us at 208-777-5528 to ask for an estimate.

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