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Dependable A/C Maintenance in Sandpoint, ID

AC Maintenance Service Sandpoint

A/C maintenance in Sandpoint, ID can lower your cooling bills by up to 10–20% every month. This means regular A/C service can actually save you some cash each year by making your unit more efficient. This is highly important, especially if you have high monthly utility costs.

Bill’s Heating & A/C provide the most dependable A/C services for any type of air conditioner you have at home. Our A/C maintenance service is designed to lower your cooling costs, extend your system’s service life, and improve your comfort.

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How Does A/C Maintenance Help Lower Your Cooling Bills?

For many of us, air conditioning is a must during the hot summer months. And while we appreciate the relief from the heat on a warm day, it can add to home cooling bills. But with A/C maintenance in Sandpoint, ID, you can lower the costs, and here’s how it does:

Cools Your Home Efficiently and Better

A well-maintained air conditioner cools your home more quickly and efficiently than a less maintained unit. Systems that receive regular maintenance don’t have to work harder to meet your cooling demands. This means they don’t use more energy in the process of moving the same amount of air that an old, dirty one has to.

Delivers More Cool Air In Your Home

A/C systems with dirty evaporator and condenser coils can’t move as much air as clean ones can. Therefore, they deliver less cooling than they otherwise would on the hottest days of the year.

Keep in mind that even though you may have an air filter installed in your system, it is recommended for best performance that your A/C’s coil(s) be cleaned and maintained annually. So ask your contractor about A/C maintenance in Sandpoint, ID today.

Controls the Heated Air Trapped in the Unit

A dirty and clogged blower fan (i.e., squirrel cage) assembly will not only slow down the airflow. It will also prevent the blower from moving heated air trapped within your unit’s metal ductwork back outside. Keep in mind that any amount of heat retained in the metal ducts (whether 10 or 100 degrees F) is money down the drain. It happens because you have to pay for every bit of it, not just on a seasonal basis, but every time you run your A/C too!

Reduces Strains from System’s Parts

A well-maintained system allows the parts or components to work effectively and smoothly. This results in better performance and lower cooling costs. Your cooling technician will lubricate the moving parts, change the filter, clean the coils, clear out debris from the outside component, etc. You can also save money on future repairs because A/C maintenance in Sandpoint, ID will ensure minor problems are addressed before they become major fixes later on.

Want to Save On Your Monthly Cooling Bills?

The best way to ensure you achieve optimum comfort while lowering your cooling costs is to sign up for your A/C maintenance in Sandpoint, ID. Bill’s Heating & A/C can provide regular/seasonal check-ups to keep your system in the best shape. Dial 208-777-5528 now.

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