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Are you using a ductless A/C in your home? Like other air conditioners, a ductless A/C can also encounter issues, and an immediate fix should be done. Taking actions earlier will help prevent further system damage and ensure your home stays comfortably cool all summer long.

Bill’s Heating & A/C provides best-of-class A/C repair in Rathdrum, ID and the nearby areas. We service all makes and models, including ductless systems.

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5 Things You Should Avoid Doing with Your Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless systems are intricate home equipment that needs regular maintenance to keep their best performance. But even with proper maintenance, A/C issues can occur anytime, and they are out of our control. In case you encounter problems, immediately call the pros for an immediate fix, and be sure to avoid doing these things with your equipment:

Fixing the System Leak Yourself

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant might leak or run low if it’s not sufficiently charged during the installation. This is the problem you should leave to the experts for the best A/C repair in Rathdrum, ID. This problem can’t be resolved simply by adding refrigerant into the system.

A licensed technician can conduct refrigerant check using a proper tool and recharge it with a sufficient amount.

Improper Use

Ductless systems are the commonly ignored and misused units. Homeowners let them run even if there are doors and windows open, thinking that it might not impact how their system works. Any opening around your home allows the warm outside to get in freely, making it harder for your system to provide cool air. Besides strain, doing this also increases your utility costs as your ductless system doubles the effort to meet your comfort demands.

Ignoring the Outdoor Component

Ductless air conditioners have outdoor components, including fans, compressors, condensers, and others that work together with an indoor unit to cool your home. The outdoor component is built to last, but is also susceptible to failure once it lacks maintenance. Make sure it has at least two to three clearance around to allow proper operation.

When something goes wrong with your outdoor component, schedule an A/C repair in Rathdrum, ID, immediately.  

Improper Drainage

Condensation can occur as your ductless air conditioner works. But if it can’t be drained properly, condensation can cause trouble to your unit. During the humid months of summer, moisture is more likely to condense and build up on cooler surfaces.

Another potential issue that affects the proper draining process is a poor installation of your equipment. If you have trouble with the drainage, hire the experts for A/C repair in Rathdrum, ID.

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If you entirely rely on your ductless A/C, then you should handle and use it properly. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself battling against hot summer months.

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