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Maintaining regular checkups for your furnace is easy if you make it a priority. Think about this; you have to prepare for the dreaded winter months by getting your furnace ready so that it can provide you maximum warmth, comfort, and convenience in the cold.

Extend the Life Span of Your Furnace

Like any other appliance or equipment, you can extend the service life of your furnace with routine preventive maintenance.

  • Schedule Regular Tune-Ups. With this scheduled furnace tune-up in place, you will be ensured that all parts are performing at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also help you discover small or minor problems before they get more serious, where you could be forced to go out or get on an emergency repair service call in the middle of a cold winter night.
  • Check Furnace Parts. To ensure that you maximize your furnace’s performance, always check on its parts to make sure that there are no damage or leaks that could spell danger for your home.

So, even if your furnace is working correctly, it pays to be proactive and schedule routine maintenance to save you money and time and reinforce your furnace systems’ efficiency.

Will My Warranty be Voided if I Fail to Schedule a Furnace Service?

Yes, most manufacturers would require HVAC maintenance to keep your warranty, so if you neglect your preventive maintenance or tune-ups, you would eventually lose your warranty. Annual furnace system maintenance need not be a pain or a cause of stress because it is very beneficial and cost-efficient if you keep your part of the deal.

Maintenance service checks are essential to keep your furnace system working correctly, especially in the cold winter snaps. So, keeping up with the warranty will be a win-win setup because you get to maximize the life expectancy rate of your equipment while also enjoying the perks and benefits of the warranty service. You are at the losing end if you neglect your routine maintenance. 

What to Expect After Having a Furnace Maintenance

  • Increase Energy Efficiency. When you keep your heating or furnace system well-maintained all year round, you also increase your home’s energy efficiency. When you schedule a furnace in Post Falls, ID,  the service technician will check and clean your unit and then identify damaged or problem areas that need repair. They can also pinpoint parts that would require replacement before things escalate into a more severe problem.

    After furnace maintenance, you also get to enjoy a cleaner and healthier home because of high indoor air quality. More so, you will also experience a reduction of utility bills because a well-maintained HVAC system can take up less energy to maximize indoor comfort or warmth during the dreaded cold winter months

  • Extend the Life Span of Your Furnace System. Your furnace system is a solid investment that you can rely on, especially during the cold months of the year. With proper maintenance and depending on the frequency of usage, you get to extend your furnace system to as much as 10 to 15 years before you would have to think of replacing your old system with a new unit.

    More likely, poor maintenance or missing scheduled tune-ups would account for the shortened life span of most furnace systems.

If you think that furnace maintenance is very costly, you should know that the cost of repairs or replacement can be avoided with routine tune-ups in place. If you are looking to take action and get that furnace checked, call us at 208-618-4575 or online at Bill’s Heating & A/C to schedule an appointment for furnace in Post Falls, ID.

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