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Are you planning to install forced-air heating in your home or office? Or do you need repair or maintenance for this system type? If YES, then you came to the right place.

Bill’s Heating & A/C provides the best force heating or furnace services in Rathdrum, ID. We are your one-stop shop for all your comfort needs. We install, repair, and maintain all types of heating equipment, including forced air systems.

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What You Need to Know About Forced Air Heating

Here are some things you need to understand about forced air heating systems.

What is a Forced Air Heating?

Forced-air heat systems depend on various operations to function. The system provides heat by burning energy and transforms it into heat, although the source relies on the furnace.

The system brings the cool air across the heating elements and transforms them for home heating. After warming the air, the blower will then send it through the duct and the vents to warm up all rooms in your home. It cycles the warm air continuously and helps ventilate your home. Like other systems, a forced-air heater also uses an air filter to trap dust particles.

Difference Between Forced Air and Central Air Systems

Forced air systems are mistakenly believed to be the same as central air systems. They are actually different pieces of comfort equipment. You can get forced air heating using a furnace or a heat pump. On the other hand, a central air system provides air conditioning and humidity control.

Which One is Better? Electric or Gas Forced Air Heating?

An electric or gas-powered forced air heating system is a good choice for home comfort. However, each comes with considerations that might impact your budget and comfort.

Gas furnaces burn fuel to create heat, and they are good options if you live near a gas grid. They are also efficient options. But since they burn gas, the possibility of carbon monoxide emission is high. Make sure you get regular furnace services in Rathdrum, ID to keep the system in the best shape.

On the other hand, an electric furnace uses electricity to generate heat. The components in the system are less expensive and much easier to install. They also work much quieter and more durable.

But just like gas furnaces, an electric-powered forced air system also comes with downsides. Running an electric heating system can be costly, and it tends to heat a home slowly than a gas-powered system.

Be sure to talk to your trusted contractor about which system best suits your home or business space. Call the experts for quality furnace service in Rathdrum, ID today!

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