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Best Furnace Services in Spirit Lake, ID

Furnace Services Spirit Lake

Is your furnace in Spirit Lake, ID keeps turning on and off? Does it need expert attention to spot and identify the root cause of the problem?

Furnaces are prone to wear and tear as they operate continuously during the winter. To keep your system working in peak performance and avoid damages that can go costly over time, count on Bill’s Heating & A/C. We provide the best furnace services in Spirit Lake, ID and the surrounding areas.

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Reasons Why Your Furnace Short Cycles

A furnace that works properly doesn’t short cycle. Instead, it maintains the right cycling pattern for effective heating. Short cyling happens when your furnace turns on and off quickly while leaving your home a bit uncomfortable.

It happens because of various reasons—and here are some of them:

Your Furnace is Too Big for Your Home

Big furnaces logically heat a small space faster—and that’s true. However, it also comes with a big downside. Large furnaces tend to short cycle once your heating demands are met. It is not an ideal cycle any furnace should follow. Over time, it results in wear and tear, excessive strain, fluctuating indoor temperature, and high heating bills.

Furnace Overheats

If your furnace is running the whole time, its internal component gets overheat. Once the temperature gets extremely high, the system’s safety mechanisms will respond to prevent further damage to the internal component. These safety mechanisms will turn off completely and, more likely, cause a short cycle.

Mispositioned Thermostat

Short cycle may not just occur due to problems caused by the furnace itself. It can also root from your thermostat. If the device is placed somewhere with a temperature that rises and falls often, your heating system may short cycle. Don’t place the thermostat near the exterior wall, window, or any heat-emitting appliances to allow proper temperature reading and avoid short cycling.

Furnace’s Flame Rod is Dirty

The flame rod in your furnace should sense the burner to work properly. If it fails to do the job, your furnace’s operation can be hampered, causing a shutdown. Your flame rod only requires cleaning to work properly again. But if this doesn’t solve the problem, a bigger issue in the furnace might be occurring. Call the experts for a quick fix.

Filthy Air Filters

If your air filter is clogged or dirty or installed incorrectly, the airflow can be restricted, and a short cycle happens. If it’s not the filter that causes the problem, it’s probably a clogged duct or room vent. Call an expert to check these components to allow proper airflow and keep your indoor clean.

Looking for Quality Furnace Services in Spirit Lake, ID? 

Troubleshooting a short cycling furnace can be hard if you lack the tools and knowledge for the job. Don’t get your hands dirty—leave the work to the right professionals.

Bill’s Heating & A/C is the company you should call. We provide top-notch furnace services in Spirit Lake, ID and the nearby areas. Contact us at 208-777-5528 to set an appointment.

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