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The HVAC installation process can be a big and complicated job. But, some companies and contractors attempt to take advantage of you or trick you into paying too much for their services.

In HVAC business , “scams” can take many different forms, including lying to customers about work that needs to be done, charging fees that were not agreed upon, billing for work that was not completed, adding costs onto bills after the job is complete, and even price padding by listing extremely high prices on material used in repairs.

We are proud to say that our team is the most qualified and experienced around. We’ve been providing top-quality service for years now, so you can rest assured knowing your heating installation in Silver Valley will get done right!

Top HVAC Scams You Should Know  

New heating installation in Silver Valley, ID may cost big so being knowledgeable about this business will help you choose an honest contractor instead of one with evil plans. We will reveal the most common HVAC scams and what you can do to protect yourself. Keep reading:

Charging more than the market price-and/or charging hidden fees

Some providers might charge $20-$50 per linear foot for copper wiring when the market price is closer to $5 per foot. Some companies even add extra fees for things like cutting holes in your wall, building a chase (for HVAC lines), etc., which should be included in the price of the whole installation.

Upselling you on things you don't need

Some providers make up reasons for you to buy services like a “checkup” or other extra expenses that may be unnecessary. Be sure to do your research and ask questions about these kinds of costs before agreeing to anything .

An honest, reputable HVAC company should give you all the information and explain why they’re suggesting certain upgrades and repairs. If your heater is working fine, there’s no reason for them to try and convince you that it needs early heating installation in Silver Valley, ID.

Claiming new equipment is "better" than existing equipment

Some people will try to convince you that the new HVAC equipment they’re installing is “better” than what you have now. This might be true in some cases, but not all the time. Sometimes, when a company installs a new model of an older system, they charge you more because it’s “newer.” But, this doesn’t always mean it will be more efficient or save you money in the long run.

Not only are there are different brands of systems but there are also different makes within each brand . Ask a trusted contractor before decising for heating installation in Silver Valley, ID.

Claiming that installation can't be completed without ordering custom parts

Some companies will only use the parts they install on your HVAC system and claim that custom items can’t be returned. But, this is false. By law, you have three days to return any material that isn’t installed if you don’t want it. So, there’s really no reason for the company to say your equipment can’t be returned .

Any reputable contractor for heating installation in Silver Valley, ID will agree to do a return and buy their own parts (or send them back at their own expense).

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When choosing an HVAC company make sure to pick the one that is not trying to scam or take advantage of you in any way. You can count on us at Bill’s Heating & A/C if you need the best heating services in the local. We have years of experience and long list of satisfied customers both in residential and commercial sectors.

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