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Dependable Heating Maintenance in Sandpoint, ID

Heating Maintenance Service Sandpoint

Are you looking for ways to get your heating system ready for the first frost? Or, want to keep your utility costs low without compromising your comfort? The answer is a quality heating maintenance service from the pros.

Bill’s Heating & A/C offers high-quality heating maintenance in Sandpoint, ID and the nearby areas. Our technicians are highly experienced with all brands of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and other types of heating units. Our heating contractor is ready to help restore your system’s best performance to keep you comfortable throughout the winter season.

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Maintenance Tips to Reduce Your Heating System

The seasons are starting to change, and you know that means heating bills will probably increase this winter. Heating is the single largest energy expense in most U.S. homes. But your heating bills can be reduced if you follow these tips:

1. Don’t Neglect Maintenance!

If you have an oil, wood, coal, propane furnace, stove, fireplace, or tankless water heater at home, they should all be serviced by a qualified professional once per year.

Heating maintenance in Sandpoint, ID ensures that your systems are in good working condition until the winter ends. This reduces the chance of any fire hazard or carbon monoxide poisoning, which would otherwise occur in the cold months.

2. Close Off Unused Rooms

This could mean closing doors or installing fin draught excluders around your doors to keep out cold drafts. Also, make sure windows in unheated spaces, like garage, attic, or porch, are well sealed with heavy-duty plastic or wooden window kits. This helps keep the heated air while preventing outside cold air from seeping inside your home.

3. Properly Seal Your Air Ducts

Seal your ductworks and make sure they aren’t leaking air. Use mastic to seal seams around ducts installed in exterior walls. Also, seal any leaks at connections where the ductwork goes through unconditioned space like attic and crawlspace. Use metal tape to repair holes through which air could leak along the length of the ducts themselves.

To check for unwanted air leakage from your forced-air heating system, you can schedule heating maintenance in Sandpoint, ID with your trusted pros. 

4. Manage Your Thermostat Setting

Don’t set the thermostat too high or low that you have to wear a sweater inside or be too hot when you are in the room. If you live in a large house or multi-story home, set one thermostat for the entire house. Install battery-operated digital programmable thermostats that can be programmed with different settings for different times of day and night. Doing so helps manage your indoor temperature and heating bills.

5. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat automatically turns the heating system down when you are not at home. Also, have it automatically set back up again before you return home in the evening. Doing so helps you save a portion of energy, which is otherwise used to heat an occupied home throughout the day.

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It’s no secret that heating systems are among the home appliances that consume a lot of energy. Bill’s Heating & A/C can help you get away with those costly energy consumptions through heating maintenance service in Sandpoint, ID. You can reach us by calling 208-777-5528 today!

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