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Are you having trouble with a failing heating system? Maybe it’s time for a heating repair in Kellogg, ID. You can count on Bill’s Heating & A/C for quality jobs done right the first time. We ensure you get the best service and enjoy what you pay for. We can also educate you on why your system fails and what to do about it.

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Frequently Asked Question about Heating Repair

Here are the common questions most homeowners may ask and our expert answers to each.


I have been experiencing a gas smell from my heater for the past couple of weeks. What can I do?

Answer: The first thing you should do is call a professional to determine the cause of this smell and provide heating repair in Kellogg, ID when there’s a problem detected.

Gas heaters are intended to heat air and provide ventilation for carbon dioxide to escape through a vent outlet at the top. A gas smell, in this case, is not likely due to a gas leak since the heater would need to operate for weeks without ventilation.

If your heater does not vent air and waste gases, it could cause harmful build-up in your home or apartment.


My central heating unit fails to heat when I run my fan, which blows air in the house. Why does this happen?

Answer: A heating failure can be caused by many different things, such as a dirty filter or faulty wiring. You should call a heating repair technician to inspect the cause of this problem and provide heating repair in Kellogg, ID. He may recommend a maintenance service to clean your unit and replace your filter, which is necessary for the entire system to work efficiently.


My heater breaks, and I cannot afford to repair it right now. Is there anything I can do to keep it warm?

Answer: You can place a small insulated pad or blanket on the floor of your apartment in front of the unit as close as possible without blocking air circulation. This will help insulate heat from reaching you and prevent drafts. You can also ask your contractor if they offer financing options for repairs so you can fix the unit and pay the labor over time.

I am getting a lot of condensation on my central heating system. Why is this happening?

Answer: The moist warm air produced by your heater accumulates inside your ductwork and generates condensation as it cools down. This moisture may accumulate on the walls of the ductwork and damage insulation around it, eventually leading to rusting or mold growth and indoor air quality issues.

To fix this problem, first, call a professional to inspect the cause of excess moisture build-up. Then have all parts of your complete system checked and repaired.

I lost all my hot water supply in my shower and faucets throughout my two-story home when I turned on my heater earlier today. Is that normal?

Answer: Generally, central heating units will not affect water pressure unless they heat your “feed line” during increased demand for hot water, which causes a decrease in water pressure. In this case, you might need a plumber to find out the cause of your problem.


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