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During the winter season, you need a well-functioning heating system to keep your home comfortable and warm. But when your equipment fails for some reason, you need to diagnose the issue and fix it right away. So. when should you call for professional assistance?

Bill’s Heating & A/C will help when you need heating repair in Rathdrum, ID. Let us discuss with you the common furnace issues and what to do when they occur.

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Furnaces Issues and How to Get Around Them   

Your furnace can experience issues, and you need to know what they are and what to do about them. Keep reading below.

Noisy Furnace

Rambling, squealing, banging, and rattling sounds from your heating system are not normal. These sounds indicate problems, such as mechanical issues, reduced airflow, or a clogged burner. Your technician can solve this problem and ensure your system works perfectly fine again.

Furnace Not Producing Enough Heat

A furnace that does not produce enough heat may have issues with the thermostat, filter, switch, or fuel. Make sure you check all these components to ensure they’re in good working condition. If you do all the necessary inspections and troubleshooting, but nothing works, then it’s time to call the experts.

Electric Ignition Issues

If the system’s electric ignition control runs faulty, your furnace will find it hard to warm your home. Electrical components in the system are dangerous when mishandled, and repairing them should be left to the experts.  

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear are normal for any system. That’s inevitable as your unit works throughout the winter. However, this simple problem can cause airflow issues or overheating if not treated immediately. Regular maintenance can help spot the early signs of wear and tear and ensure your system is trouble-free.

Short Cycling

Short cycling commonly occurs if your system is not sized properly or it has a clogged filter. So if you plan to replace your furnace with another model and you seem not so familiar with it, make sure you have an expert perform a load calculation first. However, if the problem roots from a clogged filter, the solution is simple. Just check and replace it regularly to restore the proper function of your heater.

Faulty Thermostat

How many times have you blamed your furnace for experiencing poor heating? Sound strange, but reduced comfort can also be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. The device may have an insufficient battery charge, dirty component, or need a replacement.

Fixing Your Heating System is Not a DIY Task! Call the Experts Today!

If your heating system experiences issues, you need to know who to call for the repair. Whether it’s a furnace, central heater, or a heat pump, you should not leave the repair to the hands of amateurs or attempt to fix the system on your own. Bill’s Heating & A/C is here to the rescue.

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